Auto groupage dienst Holland-Griekenland, dagelijks vertrek  


We are a medium-sized, independent freight forwarding companies. Our office and warehouse are located within the city limits of Rotterdam, directly on the major roads and major container terminals.

Here we have our own customs warehouse with our own skilled personnel and our own trucks and trailers, as well as smaller vans for the distribution of all types of goods.

 It is our firm belief that medium-sized companies like ours need a specialization in a particular market, better than general capabilities to provide world-wide. As we specialize in one place, like we do, we can offer our clients a greater knowledge of the specialized market, which is the only way to survive among larger companies. In addition, we offer the advantage of short, direct and personal communication lines.  

Therefore we have focused on the transportation of groupage by truck from Holland to Greece since the beginning of our existence. Now we can proudly say that we are one of the leading specialists in the transport of groupage to this country.

We hope to have the pleasure to give you the conviction of the good result in the target set by us.

Michaël van der Vaart
All Trans VDV (Logistics) BV